Boddinstraße 10-11, 12053 Berlin

Wilke is an Australian Café in Neukölln, right next to Rathaus Neukölln. 

It opened in 2018 and since then, they are getting more and more visitors every day. Guess why? Quality and service cannot be better.

They get their coffee from Fjord Coffee Roasters, a roasting house in Kreuzberg. Their tee is carefully selected from Companion Tea and they purchase their bread from Albatross Berlin (both places also in Kreuzberg). Wilke tries to work as regionally and biologically as possible on all their ingredients.

They close on Mondays so me and my friend went for breakfast on a Tuesday. I would love to go for a proper brunch on the weekend but probably I would have to wait to be seated and trust me, you don’t want to see me hungry in the morning.  

We ordered Chai Latte and a Flat White. Coffee tasted just amazing and the barista made a super nice design on the surface of my drink. 

To eat, we had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and one of their season specials, Mushroom Toast with parsley pesto, white bean hummus, roasted walnuts and kale chips. Of course with a poached egg on top! 

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich, even if it sounds simple, is made with great ingredients. Sourdough bread from Albatross, cheddar, tomato chutney, homemade dill prickles, tomatoes and rocket. A great combination of taste and texture.

Next time I will try the French Toast without any doubt. It is made with berry jam, mascarpone, almonds und maple syrup. Your mouth is watering now, isn’t it? 

What a great place for breakfast in Neukölln!