Tucker Brunch Bar

Wühlischstraße 1, 10245 Berlin

Tucker Brunch Bar is a new local brunch spot in Friedrichshain, which is located in Wühlischstraße, next to Ostkreuz. 

I had been checking their Instagram page regularly as I am a huge fan of brunch. Their colorful pictures just made my mouth watering every time I scrolled down on their account.

Last week I finally decided to try it and wow, I have nothing but good words for them. 

They are inspired by their Australian roots and international flavours, so of course Flat White had to be in the drinks menu. Thanks Australians for bringing this coffee to Germany! Why do I love this type of coffee? Because it’s similar to the Spanish “café con leche” , perfect amount of coffee and milk. 

I ordered Vegan Smashed Avo and my friend Andrea the Ultimate Smashed Avo. And yes, we can’t get enough of avocados, they taste good and are extremely healthy! 

The Vegan Smashed Avo was made of avocado, chilli tomatoes, chimichurri sauce and sourdough bread from Albatross. In my last review about Wilke you can read a little bit about Albatross bakery in Kreuzberg. 

The Ultimate Smashed Avo had smashed avo, confit mushrooms, grilled halloumi, poached egg and hollandaise sauce, also on Albatross sourdough bread. 

Perfection. I can’t wait to go back to Tucker Brunch Bar and have the rest of the menu.

I have to mention that they gave us a piece of cake so we could try it. I don’t know if they bake it daily but if they don’t, they should. Salted caramel cheesecake! I love cheesecakes and if I get desert, it’s always that. This one, with that sweet-salty mix was something unexpected and truly exquisite. 

Everything was full of flavor and they have a super nice location and staff! Thumbs up Tucker team!