Richard-Sorge-Straße 21, 10249 Berlin

You can think of Rembrandt Burger like another burger place in Friedrichshain, but do not underestimate it. These guys know how to impress you.

The first good thing I noticed compared to other burger spots is the fact that you can choose between wheat bread or whole grain bread. As I wanted something different, I went for the whole grain bread.

All burgers come with Dutch french fries, and you can change from Dutch french fries to sweet potato fries (always my choice!).

And now, the hard part, the burger itself.  Beef, chicken, or veggie burger. Normal size or mini.

The one you see in the picture is the Old Amsterdam Burger. Beef, ketchup, mayo, salad, tomato, pickles, caramelized onion, melted cheddar and finally Gouda cheese.  Perfect combination of ingredients to make a super tasty burger. Meat was perfectly cooked, bread what completely different to what you normally see, and the cheese melted perfectly in my mouth. So? Totally recommended.