Oh Madriz - Tapas & Cocktail Bar

Dieffenbachstraße 36, 10967 Berlin

Oh Madriz is Spanish tapas and wine bar in the heart of Kreuzkölln.

Last time I went there, I had the basics. Croquetas (Kroketten aus Béchamelsoße, iberischem Schinken und Trüfeln), huevos rotos con jamón (Kaputte Eier mit Bravas und iberischem Schinken), pan con tomate („Pa amb Toumàquet“ Tomatenbrot mit Olivenöl und Knoblauch) and a bottle of red wine.

I am still dreaming of the croquetas, and the serrano ham, and the wine.

On Sundays from 12.00 hours, you can order vermut before your lunch. Vermut (vermouth) is a great aperitif. Spanish people believe that a glass before a big meal can help prepare your appetite and aid in digestion.