Morimori Ramen

Oranienstraße 201, 10999 Berlin

Morimori Ramen is a modern Japanese restaurant in Oranienstraße, Kreuzberg.

It’s definitely a great find for those who enjoy ramen.

This place tries to stand out from other ramen restaurants by making almost everthing handmade. Ramen is made by hand with Japanese wheat and they also use a machine that was brought from Japan. Some of the soups are also egg-free and therefore also suitable for vegan guests. The broths are cooked for hours – the pork broth (Tonkotsu) for about twelve hours, the lighter chicken broth (Shio) for about eight hours. The typical onsen eggs, one of which is always included in the soup, are also marinated. The simple vegetable broth called Yasai Miso is also stirred by hand from vegetables and miso paste. The ingredients mostly come from regional and organic sources.

The restaurant is small, but in summer they have a super nice garden in the backyard.

What I like about ramen is the broth, if ticker, it normally tastes better. In Morimori the broth has a lot of flavour, and that’s why I think it’s one of the best ramen places in Berlin.