Lily Burger Beef & Vegan

Erkstraße 4, 12043 Berlin

Am Friedrichshain 34, 10407 Berlin

Outstanding, simply outstanding. I consider myself a burger fan, and living in Berlin just made me love burgers even more. This place? Worth the visit.

Just a few places to sit, loud music, writings and stickers all over the walls and the biggest burgers you will ever see. Bio black Angus beef burger or vegan burger, 100% homemade.

Do you think 120 grams of burger were enough? Not in this place. Enjoy 200 grams of it!

Now the hardest thing is to choose between one of them. In my case I went for Käpt’n-Jack Sparrow. Beef, cheddar, bacon and pineapple. (Yes, I am one of this weird people that loves fruits in pizza or burgers). No words. The combination of cheddar and pineapple was simply delicious.

Burger without french fries is not a burger, but in this case, I had to sacrifice the french fries. However, next time I will order them for sure. I could not keep staring at the couple by my side as their Chili-Cheese-Fries looked incredible.

Each burger costs around 10 – 14 EUR, if you go for the normal size I mean. I challenge you to try one of the biggest burgers in this place. King Kong, Gozdilla or Mike Tyson are some of them. Will you be able to eat 30 centimeters of it? 400 grams of beef plus egg or nachos or whatever you can imagine. You can even have a donut on top!

As I said before, totally worth to try.