Oranienstraße 6, 10997 Berlin

Goldies is a dream come true. A restaurant where the main dish is FRENCH FRIES! Yes you’ve heard it right, french fries with all the toppings you can imagine to made it a “complete” dish. 

Goldies is placed in the Oranienstraße, in the heart of Kreuzberg. I had the chance to try it last year and since then, every time I walk by, my mind goes crazy. So last month, after things got better after lockdown, my stomach needed fries. 

They have a fixed menu and some things out of menu. Normally if there is something like “season/week special”, I always go for it before it disappears.  

Last time we had Green Chilli Fried Chicken and Ranchero Fries (on the picture). Fried Chicken was made with chilli butter, fresh chilli, coriander and Sichuan chilli oil. SPICY? HELL YEAH! Perfect mix with the Ranchero fries, made with chilli (of course) and avocado. GREAT combination 🙂

My personal recommendation: Sometimes they offer “Truffle fries with parmesan”, so please, if you go and that’s on the menu, order them. Truffle over the fries is something your tongue needs to savor. 

Feel the Fries. Feel the Feeling. Fry the Feeling.