Chaparro Cocina Mexicana

Wiener Straße 14A, 10999 Berlin

Chaparro has been in my to-eat-list for many years but it was not until the end of last month when I decided to step in and try its Mexican flavors. The restaurant is placed in Kreuzberg, next to Görlitzer Park. I have to say that the place itself it’s super small but they have some benches outside where you can sit and eat while watching all the people passing by.

When we arrived, there was no queue. I wanted to order tacos (of course, what else are you gonna order at a Mexican restaurant?) but someone told me that in Chaparro the best dish to order is “tortas”. So I ordered “torta de carnitas” (braised pork belly with orange), “nachos con guacamole” and to drink, Margarita. I am not a huge fun of cocktails while eating but it was a “present” from the restaurant so of course I couldn’t say no. (THANKS CHAPARRO, I drank it until the very end!) 

Nachos are made with homemade corn chips and the guacamole is also homemade avocado cream. Add cheese and what is the result? Awesome combination! 

Regarding the tortas, wow, I still remember the meat perfectly cooked melting in my mouth together with the green sauce. Trust me, it is REALLY GOOD. It brings the shiny colors of Mexico with it. I will definitely come back for more. 

Click play to watch a short video about my order. It looked so good and I was so hungry that yes, I could not wait to try it before making the video. Sorry not sorry!