BBI - Berlin Burger International

Pannierstraße 5, 12047 Berlin

BBI (Berlin Burger International) is placed in the heart of Neukölln since they opened in 2010.

Even if it’s situated in a really small place, I definitely think that BBI has the best burgers in Berlin.

You can enjoy your burger at one of the few inside tables or on one of the benches outside when the weather permits it.

Summer is the best time to eat there and winter is the best time to take away your oder and eat it at home.

You can choose between 10 burgers (they also have vegetarian and vegan). My recommendation (well, the one I always order) is Die Patin. 190g grilled beef, Italian mozzarella, serrano ham, homemade roasted pine nuts, homemade braised onions, balsamic reduction, basil mayo and fresh herbs.

As a side? Chillie-Cheese-Fries (with chilli con carne) or the Veggie-Cheese-Fries. If you want just normal fries, go for the pommes, curly fries or the sweet potato wedges.