Lausitzer Pl. 6, 10997 Berlin

Baraka is a Moroccan-Egyptian restaurant in Kreuzberg. If you like oriental food this is your place.

The decoration in this place is fabulous, once you come in, you feel like you are in Middle East. But of course what I like the most is the real food they serve. Since I moved to Berlin and since I live in Neukölln, I became a huge fan of this culture specialties such as hummus, couscous, falafel, schawarma or halloumi.

Last time I went to Baraka, I ordered the Falafel Teller. Homemade falafel, chickpeas puree, sesame-nuts sauce, salad, and of course fresh baked bread.

Do you want to try a little bit of everything? Order the mixed place for 2 people. They serve 9 specialties, with 2 types of different meat, falafel, halloumi, hummus, eggplant cream, red beans salad, olives, spinach, schawarma and köfte with fresh baked bread.

Vegetarian? Yes, they have the vegetarian version too.

Try everything. Tajine, couscous, appetizers, soups, all main dishes and even the desserts. Such a nice trip to Casablanca.