Angry Chicken

Oranienstraße 16, 10999 Berlin

Angry chicken, sexy chicken, so so angry chicken, angry beef burger!

Since I became obsessed with Korean and Japanese fast food, I am not a valid reference anymore because I like everything.

This is a small Korean spot in the middle of Kreuzberg. Do not except to have a fancy dinner here, the space is reduced and people just take the burger outside to eat it with their hands. Yes, Korean street food.

Chicken, burgers, bibimbap, ramyum, french fries, sweet potato chips and the potato hot dog. Welcome to Angry Chicken menu.

Go for the burger (also vegan) or the crispy chicken and choose if you want it spicy, more spicy, or “I cannot eat anymore” spicy. Angry, sexy, friendly, so so angry or furious. I loved it when I went for the first time. The place is so colorful, and the names of the dishes are so different than what you expect, that it is simply appetizing!