About me

Hello, my name is Mau.

Welcome to Mau Eats Berlin, a project dedicated to restaurants in Berlin and to the people that care about food and having a nice time.

I have been eating in Berlin since 2011 and as a good Spaniard, I am in love with food. But it’s not only the meals what I’m talking about. It’s the social aspect of it what matters even more.

Since I moved to Berlin, one of my hobbies was checking new eateries every week. Suddenly, all my friends were asking me for tips and recommendations about establishments around their neighborhoods. The idea of sharing my knowledge about eating out in this city with them came to my head and this happened.

Mau Eats Berlin is made with lots of love for anyone interested in trying new places with delicious food and nice staff. Places to take your partner, your parents, your friends, or even places you can go by yourself to appreciate a nice cup of coffee.

All pictures are taken by me with my iPhone 6/8. Sorry friends for bothering you before every meal.. but hey, look how useful those photos have become!

Thank you for the support and for being part of Mau Eats Berlin

¡Qué aproveche! Enjoy! Guten Appetit!

© Liber Esquer